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Pabbly vs Zapier: Who’s the Best in 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
August 17, 2022
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    Zapier and Pabbly are both popular automation tools.

    Zapier offers a wide range of integrations & a simple UI, but it’s very expensive.

    Pabbly has cheaper lifetime deals, but it’s not as user-friendly compared to Zapier.

    That’s why we introduced Integrately in the mix. It offers a perfect balance between affordable pricing and ease of use.

    So, let’s delve deeper into how Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately compare.

    Zapier vs Pabbly vs Integrately: Quick comparison



    Number of apps supported 1500+
    Workflows Only 101+ automation click-to-clone connections
    Recommends popular Zaps (workflows)
    20 Million+ of ready-to-deploy 1-click automations
    Unlimited Premium apps All the paid plans
    On Professional and higher plans
    On Professional and higher plans
    Difficulty Level Difficult
    Reason : Complicated user interface & hard to setup connections
    Reason : Easy to use & setup with features like pre-made Zap templates, Zapier AI, help docs and videos
    Reason : Easy to use and setup with features like 1-click ready-to-use automations, text-to-automation AI, guided UI, and help docs + videos
    Dedicated automation expert N/A
    Hire an expert
    Free of cost
    Customer Support
    • Ask in the user community forum
    • Support via call is only available on the most expensive plan in the monthly subscription
    • No support for free plan
    • Email and 12/5 Live Chat support on paid plans
    • Premier and Dedicated support only on the Team or higher plan (starting from $69)
    • 24/5 live chat support on all the plans including the free plan
    Conditional Pathways (If/else workflows) Available only in the topmost tier for lifetime access users
    Available on all the paid plans
    Available on Professional plan onwards
    Multi-step automations Available only in the topmost tier for lifetime access users
    Available on all the paid plans
    Available on all the paid plans
    Scheduler & Delay Available only in the topmost tier for lifetime access users
    Available on all the paid plans
    Available on all the paid plans
    • Offers reasonable lifetime deals with one-time payment
    • Pay extra for monthly plans if you go beyond 10,000 tasks
    • You can’t upgrade your lifetime plan if you need more tasks
    Pricing starts from $19.99 per month for 750 tasks
    • Pricing starts from $19.99 for 2000 tasks
    • Saves at least 62% costs compared to Zapier on all the plans
    Free Signup

    No credit card required


    Integrately is the most feature-packed, yet simple & affordable automation solution. Plus, it backs you up with 24/5 live chat support on all the plans. 

    Concerned that it supports only 1200 apps? Why worry when you already can find all your regular everyday apps in Integrately? And we’re adding more apps every month. That said, we’ll outpace Zapier and Pabbly there shortly too.

    Zapier vs Pabbly vs Integrately: Pricing Comparison

    Pabbly LTD Pricing Integrately Pricing Zapier Pricing
    Plan Price Plan Price Plan Price
    Free 100 tasks Free 100 tasks Free 100 tasks
    Standard $249
    (2,000 tasks)
    Starter $19.99
    (2,000 tasks)
    Professional $19.99
    (750 tasks)
    Pro $499
    (6,000 tasks)
    Professional $39
    (10,000 tasks)
    Professional $39
    (1,500 tasks)
    Ultimate $699
    (10,000 tasks)
    Growth $99
    (30,000 tasks)
    Team $69
    (2,000 tasks)
    Business $239
    (150,000 tasks)
    Company Contact Sales

    Zapier is the priciest, while Integrately is more affordable, and Pabbly is the cheapest with lifetime access deals ranging from $249 to $699.

    However, Pabbly LTD has its limitations:

    • You will find useful features only in Pabbly’s most expensive Ultimate package priced at $699.
    • You can’t upgrade to get more tasks or features later on.
    • You must pay extra for yearly plans over lifetime deals (LTDs) if you need more than 10,000 tasks. It has no option for monthly payments.
      Pabbly yearly pricing
      Plan Yearly Subscription Price
      Plan $192 (up to 12,000 tasks)
      Pro $396 (up to 24,000 tasks)
      Ultimate $804 (up to 50,000 tasks)
      So, even if you need only 100-200 extra tasks (just for a single month), you would still have to pay a minimum price of $192.

    Pricing Verdict:

    Integrately gives you affordable pricing (that beats Zapier), as well as the flexibility to scale & upgrade for more tasks and features (that beats Pabbly). Plus, Integrately saves you from hidden monthly payments (billed annually only) that you need to pay over Pabbly lifetime deals as you scale.

    Start using Integrately today for the best automation experience.
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    What is Pabbly – Pros & Cons

    Pabbly is the go-to platform for all your sales and marketing needs. To be specific, it streamlines an array of features into a single platform including

    • Email marketing
    • Email verification
    • Subscription Billing
    • Pabbly Connect
    • Form Builder

    Of all these, Pabbly Connect is the integration tool that establishes a connection between your applications

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ A comprehensive platform with cross-functionality between features ❌ Only selective applications are eligible for instant trigger-capturing Freelancers
    ✅ Pabbly Connect’s real-time data capturing and workflow execution ❌ Complicated connection and setup process Small startups that have only a few things to automate
    ✅ Pocket-friendly pricing ❌ Limited automation recommendations
    ❌ Comparatively limited triggers and action

    What is Integrately – Pros & Cons

    Integrately is a 1-click integration solution for all your automation needs. It offers over 20 million ready-to-use automations to jumpstart your automation journey

    Plus, it provides handy features like text-to-automation AI and guided UI for easy setup.

    You can further customize automations with:

    • Multi-step automations
    • Data filtering
    • Data modification
    • Scheduling
    • Branching (if-else conditions)
    • Webhooks, and much more.

    Plus, Integrately offers 24/5 live chat support & flexible pricing that suits freelancers, startups, businesses, techies, and non-techies alike.

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ Ease of use with millions of pre-built 1-click automations ❌ Currently supports 1200 apps only Freelancers
    ✅ More features and tasks across all the pricing levels Startups
    ✅ Offers webhook connectivity in free trial Businesses of any size
    ✅ 24/5 live chat support on all plans Techies & Non-techies
    Start using Integrately today for the best automation experience.
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    What is Zapier – Pros & Cons

    Zapier is one of the most prominent integration platforms that connects several business apps to each other.

    It is known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of app integrations (6000+ apps to be specific).

    It offers ready-made Zap Templates to save you time setting up common automations. Plus, it has advanced features like

    • Text-to-automation AI
    • Multi-step Zaps
    • Filtering
    • If/else paths
    • Scheduling
    • Table and Interfaces (recently added)

    Zapier might not be the best fit for everyone because mostly larger businesses can support its heavy pricing.

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ Extensive app library ❌ Exorbitant pricing Large enterprises
    ✅ Recommends popular and relevant workflows ❌ No support for Free plan
    ❌ Email support for all paid plans only
    ❌ 12/5 chat support only on the Team or Enterprise plan (starting from $69)
    ✅ Intuitive UI ❌ Separate tabs for Zap runs and task usage might confuse users
    ❌ Free plan is not eligible for webhook connections

    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Feature Comparison

    Let’s compare Pabbly, Zapier, and Integrately based on their features in detail.

    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Ease of use

    Integrately and Zapier are very easy to set up, but Pabbly has a high learning curve due to complexities in setting up instant webhooks. 

    Integrately and Zapier both have user-friendly features such as text-to-automation AI, pre-built automations, easy-to-follow setup processes, and more.

    Pabbly’s instant sync capability is unique, but it involves setting up webhooks, which can be a bit complex. Plus, the instant data sync feature is limited only to select apps.

    Winner – Zapier & Integrately


    Integrately and Zapier provide easy-to-use interfaces and features without sacrificing quality or customization options.

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    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Free plan features

    • Pabbly’s free plan provides 100 tasks but lacks customer support.
    • Zapier’s free plan offers 100 tasks, but no customer support.
    • Integrately offers a free plan that includes 100 tasks and 24/5 live chat support.

    Winner – Integrately


    Integrately offers  24/5 live chat support on the free plan, unlike Zapier and Pabbly which offer no support to the free plan users.

    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Paid plan features

    • Only the most expensive Ultimate plan ($699 LTD) from Pabbly gives you access to useful features like
      1. Multi-step automations
      2. Scheduling
      3. Unlimited account connections for your apps
      4. Filter
      5. Iterator
      6. Path routers (conditional pathways or if/else workflows)
    • Zapier includes most of these in all paid plans. Besides it provides many other features like zap drafts, autoreplay, zap versions, etc. But there’s a catch: You get a tiny task limit of 750 tasks at its starting price of $19.99. And the pricing explodes as tasks increase making it a very expensive choice.
    • Integrately introduces all features, including conditional pathways, autoretry, scheduler, iterator, and many more in its lower-tier plans. Plus, it offers 2000 tasks at an affordable pricing of $19.99 (unlike just 750 tasks of Zapier). The best part? You get 2.5x to 7.5x times more tasks as compared to Zapier & need not pay a hefty amount right at the start as in Pabbly LTD.

    Winner – Integrately


    While Pabbly locks its best features in a $699 plan, Zapier boasts advanced options but comes with a hefty price tag ideal for large enterprises.
    Integrately shines as the sweet spot: it offers valuable features, a high task count, and affordable pricing starting at $19.99, making it perfect for freelancers, small businesses, and even mid-size companies.

    Get better features than Zapier & Pabbly!
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    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Apps Supported

    Zapier: 6000+ apps
    Pabbly: 1500+ apps
    Integrately: 1200 apps

    Yes we agree, Zapier has more apps. We’re not jealous though!

    So, imagine where we’ll be in 7 years!

    Besides, Integrately already supports most commonly used apps. Chances are, your apps are already included in our app list

    If you can’t find your app, don’t worry – we offer Webhook support, and our team of automation experts can set it up for you at no extra cost. 

    Plus, we’re open to user requests for new app integrations. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll add it to our list promptly. 😎

    Winner – Zapier

    Why – Zapier offers more apps. 


    Is Zapier a clear winner? 🤔
    Let’s rethink – Integrately supports most of your popular everyday apps.
    So, first, check if all your apps exist in our app integration list.

     And then decide for yourself – Zapier OR 62% cost savings?

    Try Integrately now & save 62% costs over Zapier!
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    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Customer Support

    • Pabbly’s support is limited to a user community forum. You must post queries there and wait for replies, but the quality and speed of responses are not guaranteed.
    • For Zapier
      1. Free plan – No customer support
      2. Professional plan – Email and 12/5 chat support
      3. Premier support on Team plan (starting from $49)
      4. Pay to hire an automation expert
    • For Integrately
      1. 24/5 live chat support, no matter your plan (including free plan)
      2. Dedicated automation expert at no extra cost on all paid plans

    Winner – Integrately


    Integrately offers 24/5 live chat support on all the plans, unlike Zapier & Pabbly.

    Try Integrately now & save 62% costs over Zapier!
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    Pabbly vs Zapier vs Integrately: Which Integration Tool is the best?

    All 3 integration platforms, namely Integrately, Zapier, and Pabbly enable businesses to connect various software applications and automate menial tasks without writing a single line of code. While they have many things in common, each platform has its own set of unique features.

    Zapier distinguishes itself by offering a diverse range of applications and a relatively simple setup process. However, with the most expensive pricing on the lot, it’s an integration platform aimed at big businesses.

    Pabbly is best suited for small start-ups or freelancers who have tight budgets and fewer things to automate. Moreover, its limited-run lifetime access deal acts as the icing on the top of the cake. However, be ready to tackle the complexities associated with setting up your automation.

    Integrately strikes the best balance between pricing, features, and user experience. This makes it suitable for everyone – from freelancers to large enterprises. Its elite features and 24/5 live chat support customer support make it the most value-oriented solution on the list. (formerly Integromat) is another popular automation platform. So, if you wanna check out how it compares with other automation tools, have a look at our article:

    Make vs Zapier vs Integrately

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