Millions Of Fully Ready 1 Click Automations. Add Yours To Your Website & App.

Embed the widget in your app in 2 minutes & help your users integrate your app with other apps in 1 click.

  • Users can search your ready flows
  • Ready field mappings
Add Your Automations To Your Website

Customers Find It Difficult To Use Integration Apps? Give Them
1 Click Integrations With Zero Learning Curve

Simplify your user’s life

Simplify your user's life by directly giving them the automations they are looking for. All they have to do is connect and activate.

Increase customer conversion

Improve customer adoption and satisfaction by providing them fully ready integrations with their favorite apps.

Give your product a competitive advantage

Present users with the most popular ready-to-use workflows in the most contextual places within your product.

Seamless embedding

Seamlessly embed the widget and display Integrately flows in your app, blogs or landing page. One small snippet and get the widget live anywhere on your website.

Create Your Own Custom Embed

Configure your widget then simply copy-paste our code in your app

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Your users will only see your automations. They can select other apps to
find ready automation within your app and other app

Automations / Page
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Copy below code and paste it where you want to show
your app integration templates in your webpage.

You can also create an empty div with id "integrately-embed" and place it where ever you want to embed.
Example : <div id="integrately-embed"></div>

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