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What is CloudConvert? Is CloudConvert Safe to use?

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 1, 2022
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    You sit down at your computer to work on a new project. You open the file, but quickly realize that the editor doesn’t support the format.

    So what do you do? You go online searching for a converter. And the first thing that comes up is – CloudConvert.

    But what is this tool, and more importantly, is it safe to use? 

    Let us take a look.

    What is CloudConvert

    Founded in 2012, CloudConvert is a free online file converter. It supports over 200 different formats and can convert everything from documents, images, and videos to ebooks, archives, and even CAD files.

    Besides, it also provides utilities for :

    • Optimizing Files
    • Capturing Websites
    • Merging Files
    • Creating and extracting archives (Zip/Unzip folders)

    Plus, with its simple user interface, you are just very comfortable using it.

    Is CloudConvert Safe to Use

    When it comes to data, safety is always a top priority. That’s why I’m sharing this quick overview to remove any such concerns that you may have related to CloudConvert.

    I can assure you that CloudConvert is as safe as it can get.

    It maintains an extensive security program that includes both technical and organizational security measures namely:

    • Certified Data Centers: It uses trusted cloud service providers ( ISO 27001 certified) with the highest security standards like AWS.
    • Data Isolation: They have designed software and infrastructure in such a way that each file conversion runs in a separate, isolated container, and even the CloudConvert team technically can’t access your files.
    • Storage Security: CloudConvert does not provide any permanent storage. It uses the files for processing and then deletes them immediately afterward. So you need not worry about your data storage.
    • Network Security: CloudConvert uses SSL/TLS encryption while uploading/downloading your files. It means that your files are protected while in transit and only decrypted once they reach the destination. Also, the network is actively monitored and protected by firewalls from their cloud provider.
    • Access Control: Access to the CloudConvert platform is strictly controlled and limited to authorized users only. Thus, you can ensure that your data is safe when using CloudConvert.

    All in all, CloudConvert is reliable and safe to use!  

    So, the next time you have to convert a file, do give it a try!

    How To Use CloudConvert

    CloudConvert is very simple to use. Just follow the below steps:

    1. Visit to access CloudConvert

    2. You can either directly click on ‘Select File’ and upload your file for conversion. Or, you can click on ‘Tools’ and select the required converter.

      cloudconvert select file


    3. In case you select a converter, you need to specify the formats for conversion as below:

      Document Converter

      For example, to convert a document file from .doc to .pdf , yo need to set them as shown below

      Word to PDF Converter

    4. Then, you need to select your file. For this, click on the ‘Select File’ button. You can also set the Options (they vary across the conversions)

      cloudconvert select file to convert

    5. You can also select multiple files for batch conversion. Click the ‘Add More Files’ to do so.

      Add more file to cloudconvert

    6. Also, you can change the Options after uploading the files as shown here:

      CloudConvert change option

      Fill in the Options and then click on ‘Okay’

      cloudconvert option modal

    7. Once all settings are done, click on the ‘Convert’ button to start the file conversion.

    8. You can also export the files to Google Drive by checking the box as shown below:

    9. The current status will be ‘Waiting’ until your files get uploaded.

    10. Once uploaded, the status will be ‘Processing’. It indicates that the conversion is in progress.

    11. Finally after the processing is complete, the job is ‘Finished’ and you can now ‘Download’ the converted file.

    Pros & Cons


    • Simple interface
    • Quick and easy to use
    • High-quality file conversions
    • Supports more than 200 formats
    • Provision to store your files directly on the Drive
    • Reliable and secure data storage
    • Developers can integrate CloudConvert into their apps or websites with the CloudConvert’s  API


    • Allows only 25 conversions per day 
    • Has limitations such as file size, conversion time, and number of simultaneous conversions.
    • Supports maximum of only 5 concurrent conversions 

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    CloudConvert Features

    CloudConvert has gained popularity because it is a one-stop solution for all your file conversion needs. This fantastic tool has the following outstanding features:

    • Simple interface: The interface is clean, simple, and easy to use
    • Multiple File Formats: It supports over 200 different file types for conversion (Nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats)
    • Utilities: Besides conversions, CloudConvert also offers the following:

      • Optimize Files: You can easily compress PDFs, PNGs and JPGs as per your requirements
      • Archives: To zip and unzip your files
      • Capture Websites: Save web pages in PDF,JPG/PNG formats
      • Merge Files: Use this utility when you want to combine multiple PDFs into a single one
    • Capture Websites: Save web pages in PDF,JPG/PNG formats
    • Merge Files: Use this utility when you want to combine multiple PDFs into a single one
    • Advanced Settings: CloudConvert also offers some advanced settings (for e.g changing the quality, resolution, bitrate of audio/video files)
    • Secure: As mentioned earlier, CloudConvert is very secure, and your data is always safe
    • Integrations: By default, it integrates with Google Drive and you can directly store the converted files to your drive.
    • Batch Conversions: You can also convert multiple files at once
    • Scalable: It automatically scales to the demands of large conversion jobs. It also ensures the load peaks of one customer don’t affect other customers.
    • Availability & Fault Tolerance: CloudConvert is available 24/365 and can handle faults and outages without any interruption in service.
    • Support: CloudConvert also has a free and timely support system.
    • API: It provides API that you can use to convert files in your apps and scripts
    • Pricing: CloudConvert has a very reasonable pricing structure.


    CloudConvert is free for up to 25 conversions per day. Beyond that, it offers flexible payment options as :

    1. Packages: They are one-time payments that do not have an expiration date on your quota. You can buy conversion minutes and use them whenever you like (“pay as you go”). It starts with $9.00 for 500 conversion minutes. Packages also come with an auto-refill option that when enabled, refills your account automatically as soon as it runs out of credits. You can activate this option in the billing settings.
    2. Subscriptions: It costs you a monthly fee for a certain number of conversion minutes. Not used credits do not roll over at the end of the month. In exchange, they are up to 50% cheaper than packages. Subscriptions also start with $9 per month but for 1000 conversion minutes.

    You can also combine both options. In such a case, it consumes the credits from your monthly subscription first and then your package credits.

    Besides, if you are an organization and need to share your package/subscription with multiple accounts, you can easily do so with the Team billing feature. It allows for one central billing account with unlimited team members. Added accounts then share the billing, but their files/conversions remain private.

    CloudConvert Integrations

    Integrating CloudConvert with other applications is an easy task.

    By default, it comes with built-in integration with Google Drive, wherein you can directly store your converted files to the Drive.

    CloudConvert also offers an API that allows custom integrations with your app. You pay only for what you actually use, and they also provide huge discounts for high-volume customers. 

    Besides these, Integrately is at your service to connect CloudConvert with more than 700+ apps and automate your tasks!

    To name a few, you can automate scenarios like :

    • Converting a file into the desired format, once you upload it on Drive or any other cloud storage
    • Sending email notifications for failed jobs in CloudConvert
    • Sending messages on Slack once a job is created in CloudConvert, and many more

    With all the exciting features and these handy integrations, CloudConvert definitely can top your list of file converters!

    Not only a great way to quickly and easily convert files from one format to another, you can also optimize and archive your files on the fly. The process is simple, and the results are high quality. 

    With more than 200 supported formats, there’s a good chance that whatever you need to convert will be covered. Plus, because it’s all done in the cloud, there’s no software to install or updates to worry about. 

    And most important of all, it takes all the data security measures! So you need not worry about your data protection.

    In conclusion, we believe that CloudConvert is a great choice for your file conversion needs, due to its combination of features, affordability, and ease of use. Give it a try today!

    FAQs about CloudConvert

    Is CloudConvert free to use?

    Yes, CloudConvert is free to use. But there are some limitations, such as file size (upto 1 GB) , conversion time, and simultaneous conversions (only 5) with the free version.

    Does CloudConvert have a size limit?

    Yes, CloudConvert’s free version has a size limit of 1 GB.

    Can I convert files larger than 100 MB?

    Yes, you can convert files larger than 100 MB. You can convert files up to size 1 GB with the free version.

    How many files can I convert at one time?

    At one time, the free version allows up to five simultaneous conversions.

    What are the payment options for CloudConvert?

    CloudConvert accepts payments via all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

    Is CloudConvert secure?

    Yes, CloudConvert is a secure platform. It uses SSL/TLS encryption for all file transfers and has a strict access control policy. Additionally, files are stored in isolated containers and are deleted immediately after processing.

    Who owns CloudConvert?

    CloudConvert is owned by Lunaweb GmbH, a company located in Munich, Germany.

    Is CloudConvert a Google product?

    No, CloudConvert is not a Google product. It is owned by Lunaweb GmbH, a company located in Munich, Germany.

    Is CloudConvert a good app?

    Yes, CloudConvert is a good app. It has a simple interface and is quick and easy to use. Additionally, it supports a wide range of file formats and can be used for free with some limitations.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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