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    9 Tips to Managing your Creative Process on monday.com

    By Abhishek A Agrawal
    May 12, 2022
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      Businesses with extreme workloads and low positive output miss on a good workflow and management. There are plenty of project management systems available, but they get overlooked due to a lack of awareness.

      monday.com is such a platform that increases productivity and improves output. It helps businesses and organizations to maintain a workflow with its systematic approach. 

      If you wish to take your work ahead and improve the results, these 9 tips to managing your creative process on monday.com will simplify the management process.

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      What is monday.com

      monday.com in simple words works as a,

      • A CRM
      • Project management tool
      • and Offers plenty of tools and apps

      Using this system you can track bugs, create customer reports, manage all kinds of projects, manage video production and even run ad campaigns. 

      It is a complete work operating system where you can have multiple teams working on different projects and collaborating effectively.

      How to Use monday.com

      If you want to make the most of monday.com, first get started with them. Then explore all possibilities that will allow you to manage your projects well.

      To get started,

      • Go to https://monday.com
      • Head to the sign-up area
      • Sign up with your email address or connect with Google
      • Describe your current role
      • Select the number of people working in your team and organization
      • Describe your aim
      • Describe your focus
      • And boom! You are done signing up.

      Now get started with your workflow by building the board.

      • Give your board a name
      • Select your management aims from the board
      • Add items (projects)
      • Click complete and you will land on your dashboard

      How to Set up an Effective monday.com Board to Organize Marketing Projects

      Start with a Valuable Meeting with Your Team

      Connect with your team and talk to them about the management system you will be adapting to in your organization. This will have its main aim to collaborate effectively with them and not exactly to keep an eye on them. 

      As you need better output from the team, a smooth workflow and management are essential so you are creating and assigning projects in a virtual system where everyone will collaborate with each other on a better level.

      Invite Members to Your Board

      As your team is now aware that there is a change in the work environment and fewer manual tasks, you can start inviting your team members to the board via name or email address.

      When they accept the invitation, they will be able to see the board and the projects you all will be working on.

      Create Items on Your Board

      Items here mean tasks. You can start creating tasks under the items list as per your work field.

      For example,

      • Collect customer report
      • Run add campaign 
      • Generate leads

      Every member on the board will be able to see the tasks and work on them. 

      Add Relevant Columns

      Monday.com offers several columns to organize a clear and simple board of marketing projects. You can utilize them for effective collaboration and project management.


      The best way to manage your projects is to automate them. If your team completes 10 projects in a month, an automated workflow can increase productivity. You may be able to watch 20 project completion by the end of the month as it saves a lot of time.

      With Monday.com, you can set rules to automate your workflow. 

      Whether you want to change the status of a task after it’s completed, or you want to add a task when the previous task is completed, all you can do is automatic.

      • Go to your Monday.com board
      • On the right, click ‘Automate’
      • Go to ‘Board Automation’
      • Now add from the list or create your own

      Here are Some of The Best Tips to Save You Time on monday.com

      Monday.com is very easy to use if you follow the below tips in your workflow. You will save a lot of your precious time that can be used on other productive stuff.

      Execute Your Strategies Successfully

      If you are new and getting started, you need to create a strategic plan. Initially, explore monday.com well and understand the way it works. Later, have a plan that makes your workflow even easier.

      When you have strategies created, you will know when and how to execute them. Smart work always saves much time and this could work as a cherry on the cake.

      Find Your Boards Quickly

      Shortcuts are humans’ favourite thing to do when they are working. Plus, if shortcuts are saving you time and increasing productivity, then adapting to them is healthy.

      On monday.com, you can use several shortcuts to find your boards and other stuff on the platform.

      Some of them are as follows:

      Shift +?Open shortcut cheat sheet
      Ctrl +BBolt Switch- switch between boards
      EscClose Pulse Page, Dialogs, or Search
      Arrow KeysNavigate Up, Down, Left, Right
      Tab/Shift + TabNavigate to next cell/ previous cell
      EnterEdit cell content

      Easily Manage Your Process with the Collaboration Tool

      When you adapt to a collaboration tool, this is what it offers to and save so much time utilized in manual processes. 

      • Organize and manage a systematic workflow
      • Automate tasks and projects
      • Integrate useful apps to collaborate effectively
      • Receive instant notifications

      Reduce Your Notifications

      Unnecessary notifications are undoubtedly irritating. We do not want to receive them unless they are important. In that case, you can:

      • Unfollow non-important conversations
      • Exit from items
      • Remove yourself as a board member from boards not required
      • Change bell notifications settings

      This will reduce the notifications you receive.

      Sync or Create a Calendar

      Monday.com allows you to sync your items to your Google Calendar right through the platform without having to manually create Calendar events.

      If you are regularly assigned a good number of tasks, you can select Google Calendar sync. That way you won’t have to jump to the tool, again and again, to be updated with your tasks.

      To Sync and Create a Calendar,

      • Go to your board
      • On the right side of your items, click the drop-down arrow under ‘Date’
      • Click ‘Settings’
      • Go to ‘Customize Date Column’
      • Select ‘Sync’

      Update Multiple Items at Once

      If your tasks need updates, then monday.com lets you update all items at once quickly and easily. 

      • Go to your board
      • Select all items
      • Now update them as required

      Keep Track of Everything

      Be timely updated on all your project items using monday.com. Whether you are using it as a CRM or organizing a workflow, you can keep a watch on all the processes happening among the team. 

      Automatically Connect with Your Clients 

      Automation tools are necessary and crucial today. They let you integrate so many useful apps to collaborate with your team and clients. 

      You can connect monday.com with other useful applications like Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.

      For example, you can automatically share timely or recurring client reports via email by integrating Gmail. You can also communicate with your team by integrating Slack – Every time you make comment or update, they will automatically be notified on a Slack chat.

      Integrate with Integrately

      Possibility is you may wish to integrate other apps that are not available to connect through monday.com. In that case, you can try integrately.com

      Integrately is a platform that offers ready to use Automations so businesses like you can manage projects with ease. With 8 Million+ ready automation for 700+ apps, Integrately has taken an initiative to support and encourage businesses in improving their efficiency and productivity.

      In fact, it has an integration page dedicated especially to monday.com. You can select the applications you want to integrate with monday.com and set rules accordingly.

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      Final Thoughts

      In times when everything has become digital and fast, having to manage a manual workflow can consume a lot of time and resources. That is why monday.com aims at increasing productivity and outputs by offering you to adapt to an organised workflow.

      • Use it as a CRM
      • Manage projects and tasks
      • Connect important apps and sync data between them
      • Simplify workflow
      • Improve results
      Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
      Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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