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How to use Discord – an Informative Guide

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 6, 2022
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    Discord is a platform that offers space to different communities around the internet. It was originally built for gamers to talk and chat with each other but later evolved into a varied community platform.

    Individuals from any location can join and create servers on discord to connect with each other. The app allows them to voice and video chat and even live-stream programs from their devices. 

    Over the period, Discord has become a popular platform for people. They can build communities of their own and communicate over topics, games and everything of their interest. 

    In this article, you will learn all about Discord, its Servers, Channels, Features, and everything needed to start using the app. 

    What are Discord Servers

    In Discord language, you create a ‘Server’ to build a community. Each server offers multiple channels.

    You may create a community of individuals divided into multiple channels. Like, you can have multiple channels of writers to talk about different genres and ideas. 

    On the other hand, you can have a general chatting channel to discuss topics. And each channel can have its own rules and regulations.

    There are end numbers of Discord servers that you can join and start connecting.

    And there are higher possibilities of finding a server of your interest because there are so many already. Otherwise, you can create one and let others be a part.

    In fact, starting a Server is absolutely free. Even if you wish to join other servers and channels, you can do it without any fee.

    How to Join a Discord Server

    Before you join a server, first you need to get started with Discord. 

    Register yourself by signing up with your email address and user name. 

    Once you land upon the Discord dashboard, follow these steps –

    1. On the left sidebar, check ‘Explore Public Servers’

      Explore Public Servers

    2. Click on the ‘Category’ of your choice

      Select Category

    3. Now explore or search the Servers you want to join.

    4. Click on the Server you want to join, and you are good to go!

    How to Create a Discord Server

    1. On the left sidebar, click ‘Add a Server’

      Add a Server

    2. Create your own server or choose a relatable template

      relatable template

    3. Choose whether you want a server for you and your friends or a larger community

      Community selection

    4. Customize your server and click ‘Create’

      Customize your server

    5. Great, Your server is ready to use!

      Now, you can invite your friends or share server link to your social media accounts. Anyone interested will be able to join. 

      The Discord server will allow you to create ‘Text Channels’ and ‘Voice Channels’. In case you want the channels to be private, you can do so by enabling the ‘Private’ button.

      Invite your friends

    How to Create a Channel on Discord

    Once you successfully create a server, you will see two options on the left sidebar – Text Channels and Voice Channels.

    1. Click the ‘+’ sign to create a channel

    2. Select from ‘Text channel’ and ‘Voice Channel’

    3. Name the Channel

    4. Click create!

      Create a Channel on Discord

    How to Use Text and Voice Channels

    Using Text and Voice channels is easy. First, find out what both the channels offer so it gets simpler for you to understand. 

    Here are the key points –

    • You can send messages to everyone on the Text channel

    • Text channel allows uploading files, creating threads, and attachments (GIFs, stickers, and emojis. 

    • Edit channel permissions, rules, and other important information

    • Check Offline and Online status of members

    • Video call your friends and live-stream programs through devices on Voice channels

    How to Send Messages

    To send messages, you can use the bottom text bar.

    Send Messages

    How to Upload Files and Attachments

    To upload files and attachments, you can use ‘+’ in the text bar and other attachment options such as Emojis, stickers, etc.

    Upload Files and Attachments

    How to Edit Channel Settings

    To edit settings you can use the button ‘Edit Channel’ and explore 

    Edit Channel Settings

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    How to Video Call or Live Stream

    To video call or live stream, you can simply go to the Voice channel and the video will get connected. There you can allow camera and mic permissions and invite members to join you.

    Other features you can utilize –

    • Choose how you would like to receive notifications

    • Hide/View member lists

    • Pin important messages

    • Edit user settings

    How to Leave a Discord Server

    To leave a discord server, use these two simple steps

    1. Click on the downward arrow beside the server name

      Leave a Discord Server

    2. Click ‘Leave Server’

      Leave a Discord Server

    How to Delete a Discord Server

    To delete a Discord Server, follow these steps

    • Go to the server you want to delete

    • Head to server settings

    • On the left sidebar, scroll down to ‘Delete Server’

      Delete a Discord Server

    • Confirm deletion of the server and hit ‘Delete Server’

      Delete a Discord Server

    How to Change Status on Discord

    To change the status on discord, follow these steps

    • Click on your user avatar from the bottom left corner

    • Select the required option

    • And boom! Your status has changed!

    Change Status on Discord

    How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

    Discord is a useful app when it comes to connecting with groups of people around the world about your work and businesses. However, you may not want to use it all the time.

    So every time you switch on your PC and Discord opening automatically can be very annoying. This is how you can stop Discord from opening on Startup using the following steps –

    Turn off Discord from App Settings

    • Launch the app on your computer and head to ‘User Settings’

      Turn off Discord from App Settings

    • Go to ‘Windows Settings’ under ‘App Settings’

    • Disable ‘Open Discord’

      Open Discord from App Settings

    Turn off Discord from Task Manager

    • Go to Windows Task Manager

    • Select ‘More Details’

      Turn off Discord from Task Manager

    • Head to the ‘Startup’ Tab

      Task Manager Startup Tab

    • Look for Discord and Disable it

    FAQs about Discord

    What does Idle Mean on Discord?

    Idle status on Discord means that the user is still on the app but hasn’t interacted or performed any activity for a few minutes.

    How to Mute Someone on Discord

    To mute someone on Discord,

    • Go to the ‘Text’ or ‘Voice Channel’ you want to mute the user from

    • Right click the user

    • Now select mute

    How to Unban Someone on Discord?

    To unban someone on Discord,

    • Go to your Discord Server

    • Head to user settings

    • Scroll down to ‘Bans’

    • Search the member you want to unban

    • Hit ‘Revoke Ban’

    Can You use Discord for Business?

    Yes, you can use Discord for business and marketing purposes

    Is Discord for Free?

    Yes, Discord is free to use.

    How Much does a Discord Cost?

    Discord doesn’t cost anything. It is free of cost.

    Is Discord on PC Free?

    Yes, Discord on PC is free.

    Are International Discord Calls Free?

    Yes, international Discord calls are free. In fact, Discord calls have been free for a lifetime.
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