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    Discord vs Zoom

    By Abhishek A Agrawal
    May 12, 2022
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      The main difference between Discord and Zoom is that Discord is a team chat app and Zoom is a video conferencing app.

      Discord mainly offers texting, audio and video features to its users who use the app to communicate and collaborate with other people on the internet. 

      While Zoom mainly offers web conferencing and video platforms to businesses and organizations who require a regular team and other important meetings.

      In this article, you will see the comparison of both the applications so you can analyze which one will better suit your needs.

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      Discord Vs Zoom: Comparison Table

      ConceptTeam chat app Team collaboration, conferencing app
      Support CriteriaSupports up to 100 users for freeHas user limits on a free plan
      Key FeaturesExclusive for gamers, text and video communicationIn-built Google Calendar Support
      CustomizationsUpgrade emojis, stickers, etcAllows background change
      Instant Notifications
      Device SupportAndroid, PC, iOS, etcAndroid, PC, iOS, etc
      Discord Nitro $9.99/m
      Nitro Classic $4.99/m
      Free limits
      $14.99/m per user

      Detailed Comparison of Features 

      Here’s a detailed comparison of Discord Vs Zoom!


      Both Zoom and Discord are community collaboration platforms. You can connect with your team members, friends and family over a video call. 

      However, both of them have some differences that meet different community needs. 

      Discord is more like a team chat app where gamers and other people can text and face time their community members. It lets users create and join servers and channels of their interest.

      While Zoom is a conferencing app. You can create, join and schedule meetings for your members and group. Mainly focuses on businesses and organizations, but even family and friends can video chat over Zoom.

      Text and Comment ControlsLimitedAdvance
      Rooms for Different Communities
      Video Meetings

      Source: Zoom

      Source: Discord

      🏆 Winner: Discord

      User Interface

      Discord and Zoom both lack somewhere in their user interface. A lot of Zoom users have identified issues with the system navigation and performance. 

      Even Discord has a little learning curve and the interface is not so user friendly.

      If we compare both, Zoom is easy to use and Discord has a clear interface. Discord shows member status on the right-hand side and server information on the left.

      While in Zoom, you can see the members on the right side by clicking on the ‘Participants’ tab.

      🏆 Winner: Tie

      Conferencing and Screen Sharing Controls

      You can conduct meetings using both Zoom and Discord, but they have different features in that case.

      Live streamMulti-streamScreen sharingScreen recordingShare recordings using Droplr50 Users limit in a live-streamVideo conferencingWeb conferencingBackground modificationsScreen sharingScreen recordingWhite-boardsUp to 1000 users

      🏆 Winner: Zoom

      Quality and Efficiency

      If you are looking for efficiency while video calling, Discord is a better option.

      Many users have complaints from Zoom regarding connectivity issues and in-call performance. Only if you have high-speed internet, it will offer you the best video conferencing experience.

      On the other hand, Discord has a really good quality video calling. The users enjoy live-streaming and face-time with Discord.

      🏆 Winner: Discord


      Both Discord and Zoom supports the following devices –

      • Mac
      • SaaS
      • Windows
      • iPhone
      • Android
      • iPad

      🏆 Winner: Tie


      Claims to share data No user authenticationAnyone can join the server and video conferencesClaims to share dataWaiting room enablePermission to share screenHost controlled video meetings

      🏆 Winner: Zoom


      Ticket supportEmail supportSocial media ForumChat supportTelephone supportWeb ticketSocial mediaZoom community support

      🏆 Winner: Zoom


      Discord – Discord is entirely free unless you want to upgrade its features like emojis, stickers, etc. 

      • Discord Nitro costs $9.99/m
      • Discord Classic costs $4.99/m

      Zoom – Free plan for up to 100 participants

      • Pro $300/y per license
      • Business Rs. $350/y per license
      • Enterprise Rs. $420/y per license

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      Everybody knows automation makes life easier and so does the work. Be it any work field, when you automate the workflow, it helps save a lot of time. 

      Zoom and Discord have some native integrations that can help you collaborate better. 

      SlackWorkplaceSkypeSalesForceGoogle calendarTwitchYoutubeTwitterSpotify

      Otherwise, there are plenty of automation tools available in the market. Among all the tools available, Integrately is one of the best and most cost-effective. 

      Using Integrately, you can connect these tools with other applications to automate tasks and collaborate with teams easily.

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      Discord and Zoom both are wonderful tools for connecting with groups and teams. However, Discord is a community centred platform with text and audio/video features enabled.

      Whereas Zoom is a web conferencing platform, that mainly focuses on the business and organizational sectors.

      It really depends on your needs from the application as a user. If you want to connect with large and varied audiences for free, Discord is a good choice.

      You can create and join any server of interest and get connected with the community.

      Well, if you only want to collaborate with members over video call meetings and conferences, Zoom is a good choice. It also offers a whiteboard feature for effective presentation.

      Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
      Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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