Steady + Syncro Integration

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Set up Steady automations to send personalized campaigns, capture leads from various sources, and track campaign performance. Make use of Syncro automations to centralize customer data, sync data across different platforms, automate lead nurturing, and improve sales funnels. Get the best of both with Integrately’s Steady + Syncro integration.
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Steady + Syncro Integration

Create Syncro customer for new Steady contact

There are many reasons why someone might choose to use two different marketing tools. One common reason is - the ability to reach a wider audience.

For example, if one tool is better suited for reaching customers in a certain geographic region, while another is better for reaching customers of a certain age group, using both can help businesses reach their target market more effectively.

Integration of your new Syncro customer and Steady contact can help make sure that your messages are coordinated and that you're taking full advantage of all your channels. It can also help reduce the amount of time you spend managing different tools and platforms.
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Create Custom Workflow
Steady + Syncro Integration
  • Steady
    Newsletter subscriber is created in Steady
  • Steady
    Subscription is created in Steady
  • Steady
    Publication is created in Steady
  • Syncro
    Customer is created in Syncro
  • Syncro
    Ticket is created in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    Ticket status is changed in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    Ticket is marked as resolved in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    RMM alert is created in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    Invoice is created in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    Payment is made in Syncro Instant
  • Syncro
    Create customer in Syncro
  • Syncro
    Search customer in Syncro
  • Syncro
    Create ticket in Syncro
  • Syncro
    Create lead in Syncro
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