MaintainX + WhatsGrow Integration

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Set up MaintainX automations to deliver faster service resolution, improve overall IT team productivity, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. Set up WhatsGrow automations to send targeted SMS messages, automate appointment reminders, and track campaign engagement. Get the best of both with Integrately’s MaintainX + WhatsGrow integration.
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Ready Workflows For MaintainX + WhatsGrow Integration

Just click on the workflow you want to automate
 MaintainX + Gemini AI + WhatsGrow Integration

Use AI to automate WhatsGrow replies when Work order is created in MaintainX

This automation allows you to automate the process of generating WhatsGrow replies for your MaintainX order, using AI. These personalized and relevant responses help provide an efficient and streamlined customer experience.

Here's how it works:
 1. MaintainX: Whenever a Work order is created, the automation will be triggered.
 2. Gemini AI: You can provide instructions to AI about the specific details you want to include in the completion replies, such as order information, delivery details, or any other relevant information.
 3. WhatsGrow: These replies will be sent to the customers via WhatsGrow. This ensures that customers receive timely and informative order completion notifications.

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Create Your Own MaintainX & WhatsGrow Integration Without Any Code

1. Select when the automation is executed
2. Select what action you want to automate
Create Custom Workflow
 MaintainX + WhatsGrow Integration
  •  MaintainX
    Category added to work order in MaintainX Instant
  •  MaintainX
    Work order is created in MaintainX Instant
  •  MaintainX
    Work order status is changed in MaintainX Instant
  •  MaintainX
    Create work request in MaintainX
  •  MaintainX
    Create work order in MaintainX
  •  MaintainX
    Create new message in MaintainX
  •  MaintainX
    Create work order comment in MaintainX
  • WhatsGrow
    Send text in WhatsGrow
  • WhatsGrow
    Send file message to group in WhatsGrow
  • WhatsGrow
    Send file in WhatsGrow
  • WhatsGrow
    Create group in WhatsGrow
  • WhatsGrow
    Add member to group in WhatsGrow
  • WhatsGrow
    Remove member from group in WhatsGrow
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