JetWebinar + TimelinesAI Integration

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JetWebinar + TimelinesAI Integration
  • JetWebinar
    New Person Registers For Webinar in JetWebinar Instant
  • TimelinesAI
    Message is received in TimelinesAI Instant
  • TimelinesAI
    Message is sent in TimelinesAI Instant
  • JetWebinar
    Create a new webinar registrant in JetWebinar
  • TimelinesAI
    Search chat by name in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Close chat in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Send message to existing chat in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Upload file in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Send message to existing chat with uploaded file in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Search file by name in TimelinesAI
  • TimelinesAI
    Send message to phone number in TimelinesAI
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