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Xola + Confluence Integration

Create Confluence post for new Xola listing

There are a number of different ways to promote an event. One of them being a post about the event. Currently, if a user creates an listing in Xola, no content will be created on any of the users other platforms (such as website or blogs).

But you'll be happy to hear that this is about to change. Using this integration, whenever you create an listing in Xola, a post will be created on your blog or website automatically!

This will allow you to provide more detailed information about your listing, as well as include photos and videos. It also provides a way for them to register directly from your website. Plus, it's another way to help drive traffic to your website.
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Xola + Confluence Integration
  • Xola
    Booking is created in Xola Instant
  • Xola
    Booking is cancelled in Xola Instant
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    Booking is updated in Xola Instant
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    Listing is created in Xola Instant
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    Listing is updated in Xola Instant
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    Page or blog is posted in Confluence
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    Create page or blog post in Confluence
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