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Deputy + B2BBricks Integration

Create B2BBricks response for new Deputy contact

CRMs are designed to help businesses manage their customer data. By tracking customer interactions, CRMs can help businesses identify trends and optimize their marketing and sales efforts.

However, some businesses find that they need more than one CRM to effectively manage their customer data. For example, a business with a large customer base may need one CRM for sales and another for marketing. Alternatively, a business with multiple locations may need a CRM for each location.

Using this Deputy - B2BBricks integration, anytime a new Deputy contact is created, an B2BBricks response should be automatically generated as well. This integration will help to keep your data consistent and up-to-date, and it will save you time by eliminating the need to manually enter information into both systems.
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B2BBricks + Deputy Integration
  • Deputy
    Notification is created in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Location is created in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Post is created in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Area/department is created in Deputy
  • Deputy
    People is created in Deputy
  • B2BBricks
    Create response in B2BBricks
  • Deputy
    Create people in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create my unavailability in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create area/department in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create sales data in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create location in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create post in Deputy
  • Deputy
    Create start shift in Deputy
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