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What is Digistore24? Is it Legit? A 2024 Review

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 21, 2024
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    What is Digistore24

    Digistore24, also known as D24, is a renowned retailer based online sales service. 

    It enables you to have an integrated online store where you can list all your digital products. Alongside, you can have payment integrations and automation that will simplify the lead generation and conversion process.

    In fact, Digistore24 relaxes your tasks of administering and marketing your products because of their entire automation system. 

    Whether you need to look after lead generation, transactions, taxes management, sales, or marketing, the platform will help you automate the process with ease. You can sit back, relax and let Digistore24 do it for you.

    Additionally, with their huge affiliate networks, your products are marketed across the world, resulting in brand recognition and awareness. 

    If you have products like courses, guides, or anything digitally created, Digistore24 is your ‘go to’ tool for encouraging sales.

    Is Digistore24 Legit

    Yes, the platform is legit and is a german based company with the largest affiliate network in Europe. 

    However, it has varied reviews on the internet. Most of them conclude and consider the platform as a scam, but what is the truth?

    One of the reasons behind the speculation could be that the platform promotes affiliate marketing, which sounds creepy to some people because of their failures and past company experiences. 

    However, affiliate marketing is a real business, especially if we look from a business perspective.

    What is Digistore24 Used for

    Digistore24 is used for making money. Whether you are an entrepreneur or want an additional income source, the platform is the way to go.

    One can get started as a business and list their products. Otherwise, begin as an affiliate marketer to earn commissions. 

    Because the platform offers great integrations and automation, you can simplify marketing and selling processes for your products.

    Key Benefits of Digistore24

    Save Much Time

    Running a business is not just about selling products. Why? Because selling itself needs an entire process that makes you money. Without a process, your products remain at your door and have no existence in case. 

    The process includes – 

    • planning, 

    • listing, 

    • brand awareness, 

    • marketing, 

    • engagement, 

    • lead generation, 

    • user experience, 

    • accounting etc. 

    So when you sign up for Digistore24, the process is taken care of by the platform itself. 

    They help you automate everything right from selling your product, marketing, management to payments. You need not do it manually, saving you much time to focus on the products you create.

    Unless your product is valuable enough for the customer, you will struggle with sales. And Digistore24 encourages you to focus on what’s required from your end. The rest is offered by them.

    Boosts Wealth 

    Generally, when you go for a personal online store, it requires a good amount of investment. You need to invest in a website, management, domain, hosting, and a couple of more things. 

    But Digistore24 offers you a ready to go online store for your digital products. You can simply list them and get started for free. The rest will be taken care of by the platform.

    That way, you will be able to upscale sales and make money.

    Lead Generation

    Businesses must have leads coming in constantly. Otherwise, how would you increase your engagement and conversion rate if you don’t have people interested in your business? 

    Digistore24 lets you generate prospects through high converting forms, surveys, lead forms, etc. That means you can automatically capture leads through their tools. 

    The more leads you generate, the higher the chance that you will make enough sales.

    Professional Marketing

    Marketing is the way to increase your brand awareness, engagement and thereby sales. 

    Direct selling doesn’t always generate the results we want. This is where marketing comes to your rescue.

    But how do you market without having many skills and capital? For that matter, Digistore24’s affiliate network markets your products across the world. 

    Here, the network just receives a commission for the sales they make. 

    That is certainly a small percentage of the selling amount of the product. But it helps you reach a wider audience who could be interested in making a purchase.

    What Products or Services are Available on Digistore 24?

    Digistore24 lets you sell digital products like online courses, online games, eBooks, guides, etc. 

    Here, physical products are not much suited, but books and DVDs are exceptionally available. 

    So in accordance with these, here are the kinds of products and services available on the Digistore24 platform. 

    • Animals & Pets

    • Betting systems

    • Business & Investment

    • Computer and Internet

    • Dance & Music

    • Dating, Love, and Relationships

    • E-Mail-Marketing

    • Education

    • Family and Kids

    • Fitness & Health

    • Food & Drinks

    • Games & Fun

    • Green Products & Environment Protection

    • Hobby & Handcraft

    • Home and Garden

    • Internet­marketing & E-Business

    • Job & Employment

    • Languages

    • Personal development

    • Photography & Motion Picture

    • Services

    • Social Media

    • Software

    • Spiri­tua­lity and Esoterics

    • Sports

    • Survival

    • Trading products

    • Events, Seminars

    • Exceptional physical products

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    How Does Digistore24 Work

    As an entrepreneur, who is willing to sell products and services on Digistore24, it is critical to understand the functionality of the platform. 

    So to help you get started with ease, this is a detailed step by step guide. Follow all the steps correctly to make better use of Digistore24.

    1. Go to ‘’

      The home page will look like this

      Digistore24 Home Page

    2. Click on ‘Start now. It’s free to sign up’.

    3. Now fill in your details

      Digistore24 is free to use

    4. Press the ‘Register for free now’ button.

    5. Boom! You have successfully signed in to your Digistore24 account Now you can get started with your products and services.

    The home page will look like an earning dashboard, from where you can access the report of all sales made in days, weeks, months and years.

    On the top bar, you will see two notifications that will ask you to verify your phone number and set up payout details. 

    Once you complete the requirements, you can start using your Digistore dashboard and make the most out of it.

    affiliate marketing platform, digistore24 real or fake

    If you scroll down, you will see complete data as per days, weeks, months and years for your products and services in one place. That will save a lot of time that you may otherwise invest in checking individual sales for each month and year. 

    digistore24 commission rate, digistore24 products

    Digistore has a simple user interface. There is not much hustle. Whether you are signing up as a vendor or affiliate, you will be easily able to sell and promote products.  

    Here’s how you can list products and sell them. 

    1. On your dashboard, look for ‘Account’ on the top bar beside ‘Business Cockpit’

    2. Click on ‘Account’ and scroll down to ‘Products’

      There will be a few options like add product, edit products, settings, etc.

    3. Go to ‘Add Product’ to start listing

    4. Enter all details required for listing products on Digistore24. 

      These details need to be correct and authentic in order to be a part of the platform since buyers trust Digistore24 for legitimacy and trustable products. 

      That is why ensure all details entered by you are correct.

      When you go to ‘Add Products’ you will see a few more options that will go hand in hand to list the product. Like properties, forms, payment plans, etc.

      Once you complete the product listing process, you can go for the next.

    5. Under properties, enter product-related information like Name, language, category, etc.

      how to list products on digistore24

      Once the section is completed, you can switch to the order form. Then payout plans, and so on.

    Order Form

    Order form is like a shopping cart with descriptions, notes, cost, and confirmation details. You can choose what you want your order form to look like. It also enables you to add product images for authenticity.

    Payment Plans

    A payment plan is a section for all payment related options. You can choose the currency you want to receive your earnings, payment method, cost of the product, and everything else in one place.


    Add-ons are extra services offered along with main products and services. Digistore24 also allows you to create add-ons and set individual affiliate prices for the same.


    Notifications here work like automation. You can create email notifications about sales, refunds, chargebacks, instalments, etc

    Your customers will automatically receive email notifications regarding their activities on your product. You just need to fill in multiple email addresses – separately with a comma and save the activity. 

    All of these are important sections in Digistore24. Explore the ‘Account tab’ thoroughly for more and better use of the platform. As the platform is easy to use, it won’t take much of your time.

    Digistore Pricing, Cost, and Commissions

    Digistore24 is absolutely free to use. You can get started for free as a vendor or affiliate. 

    When you get started as a vendor, you can list your own products and services. Whereas, as an affiliate marketer – you can promote other products as well. 

    However, in either case, you pay a certain amount to the platform when making a sale. For every sale you make, you will be charged a platform margin of 7.9% plus $1.

    Similarly, the commission rate for each product depends on the rate set by the vendor. 

    Generally, the commission rates on Digistore24 are higher than other platforms. Every vendor pays a percentage between 15% to 90%. 

    So when you make a sale, the costs are broken down considering sales tax, margin, affiliate commission and provider’s commission. 

    For example, your product costs $80. The commission rate is 80%, sales tax is $8, then the prices will breakdown as follow

    Digistore Pricing, Cost, and Commissions

    • Gross sale – $88

    • Tax paid – $8

    • Margin set for DIGISTORE – $7.9

    • Affiliate commission – $57.68

    • Supplier Commission – $14.42

    However, Digistore24 holds 10% of the sales value and refunds after 60 days as part of security.

    What are the Pros of Digistore24 for Affiliates and Sellers?

    Digistore24 has many advantages when it comes to products and services. It offers a wide range of services that help you sell and earn from them.

     Pros of Digistore24

    Some of the advantages are as follow –


    Digistore24 Automation

    Digistore24 enables you to run automated sales without manually managing the process. They will take care of commission distribution, taxation, invoicing, deliveries, and everything required in selling your products.

    Reseller Service

    This helps you sell your products across different countries and promote them to a larger network area. Alongside, Digistore24 ensures no fraud practices are going on with your products.

    Refund Management

    In the case of returns of products, the platform helps you manage the refund process. You can automatically refund your customers with their tools and system.

    Secured Payment Integrations

    You can offer your customers secured payment options every time they are willing to make a purchase.

    They can choose the payment method as per their convenience – whether a Paypal transaction, Debit card, Credit card, etc.

    Largest Affiliate Network

    Largest Affiliate Network

    You can market your products across the globe through professionals. Digistore24 has a wider network of affiliates who promote products and services through every medium possible for a rate of commission. 

    Integrate with Integrately

    Even though Digistore24 offers some integrations to work with, what about other applications that you would want to integrate with Digistore24? 

    Will you look for a developer to assist you? Not exactly!

    Instead, here you need a tool that will assist you to integrate Digistore24 with other applications without any technical skills.

    In other words, an automation tool! A tool that will help you connect Digistore24 with other apps and sync data between them. 

    There are many automation tools available in the market. If you need the best and most economical, Integrately is just for you. 

    Integrately is a platform that offers ready to use Automations so a business can manage projects with ease. With 8 Million+ ready automation for 700+ apps, Integrately has made an initiative to support businesses in improving their efficiency and productivity.

    So when you integrate with integrately, your workflow will get smoother.

    FAQs about Digistore24

    Is Digistore24 free to use?

    Yes, Digistore24 is absolutely free to use.

    How often does Digistore24 pay commissions?

    Digistore24 pays commissions in 2 instalments - 90% commission after 14 days, and the remaining after 60 days.

    How does Digistore24 Tracking Work?

    Digistore24 automatically offers you to track engagement on your order form.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
    Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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