Finally a 1 Click Integration Platform.

Search From LOTS Of Fully Ready Automations, And Activate Them In 1 Click!

Ready mappings. No steps to perform. Nothing to learn. Isn't that awesome?


  • Use spreadsheet to post to all social networks
  • Update meetings in CRM & Google calendar
  • When Deal is won, notify on slack
  • Send reminder if Invoice is not paid in 15 days
  • Update payment information in CRM.

How it Works?


You can also customize the Automation and add conditions, multiple actions etc.

And that is also really easy in Integrately.

Integrately is Built for Actual Business People

  • No need to spend hours trying get your head around the integration platform
  • No need to pull your hair
  • No need to hire a VA

Automate more and more in clicks. Save time and money both :)

Even Non Techies can Integrate Their Apps,
Automate Processes & Eliminate Manual Tasks.

Because Integrately has zero learning curve & requires zero effort. We do all the hard work for you.

What All Can I Automate?

Here are some examples...


Add new Ads leads to CRM
Stop sending follow-ups from drip emails after specific fields in CRM record are updated
Add new Calendar appointments to CRM as deals
Create CRM contacts from Ecommerce customers
Create Newsletter Subscribers from New CRM Deals
Create and send invoices when CRM deals reach certain stages
Update CRM accounts when invoices are paid

Newsletter and Marketing Automation

Add new Facebook Leads Ads leads to automation in ActiveCampaign
Tag contacts when they register for events
Invite New HubSpot Contacts in a List to Webinar
Create HubSpot contacts from new leads on CRM
Add new survey respondents to a list
Add new Zoom registrants to automations


When form is submitted, create new lead in CRM / Marketing automation
Add new Forms responses to Salesforce as new custom objects
Add new Forms responses to CRM as new notes
Create CRM leads from new survey responses on Forms
Add new SurveyMonkey respondents to a list in marketing automation

Calendars & Webinars

Save CRM Tasks / Events to Calendar
Add new Calendar events to CRM as events
Add new Calendar appointments to CRM as deals
Create CRM contacts from new Calendar appointments
Send HubSpot Form Submissions to Webinar
Invite New HubSpot Contacts in a List to Webinar

Google Sheets / Airtable / Database Apps

Create Trello cards from new rows on Google Sheets
Add new Trello card comments to rows on Google Sheets
Create Spreadsheet rows from scheduled / cancelled Calendly events
Add Spreadsheet rows for new Webinar registrants
Add new Students to rows on Sheets
Add new time entries to a spreadsheet
Save social media mentions to a spreadsheet
Record new social media followers into a Spreadsheet

Social Media

Save social media mentions to a spreadsheet
Record new social media followers into a spreadsheet
Add new posts to spreadsheet
Post posts from new rows on spreadsheet
Save My posts to a spreadsheet
Save liked posts to a spreadsheet
Add social media list members from new spreadsheet rows
Post on social media whenever rows are updated on a spreadsheet
Add new social media geo search mentions to a new row on a spreadsheet
Create a spreadsheet row for a post in list in social media
Create a spreadsheet row for mentions of a search term in social media

Customer Support

Post new tickets to Team chat
Get Team Chat notifications for new tickets
Add new ecommerce customers to support as users
Generate a new ticket when a new paid order in ecommerce is placed
Create tickets from new HubSpot form submissions
Update CRM contacts from tickets
Create invoices from new tickets
Create leads in CRM from new tickets

Project Management

Add new Calendar events as tasks
Create calendar events from new or moved Trello cards
Turn new Trello cards into events
Create Trello cards from new labelled emails
Send emails when new Trello cards are moved to a list
Send emails with new Trello card comments
Create Toggle projects from new Trello boards
Add new Toggl time entries from Trello activities
Create GitHub issues from new or moved to-dos on PM
Add new GitHub issues to PM as to-do items

Automate Your Everyday Tasks For Free

Use that time to do things that matter