1 Click Integrations
When Response is received in Landbot > Create registrant in GoToWebinar > Create contact in Autopilot

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When a new Response is received in Landbot, Create registrant in GoToWebinar and Create contact in Autopilot.

You Can Also Create Your Own Integrations

When this happens
  • Contact is added in Autopilot
  • Contact is added to list in Autopilot
  • Contact is removed from list in Autopilot
  • Contact is unsubscribed in Autopilot
  • Customer is created in Landbot
  • Response is received in Landbot
  • Registrant is created in GoToWebinar
  • Upcoming webinars in GoToWebinar
  • Attendee is created in GoToWebinar
Do this
  • Create contact in Autopilot
  • Add contact to list in Autopilot
  • Delete contact in Autopilot
  • Unsubscribe contact in Autopilot
  • Create list in Autopilot
  • Assign customer to agent in Landbot
  • Search Customer in Landbot
  • Search Channel in Landbot
  • Send location in Landbot
  • Send image in Landbot
  • Send text in Landbot
  • Create webinar in GoToWebinar
  • Create registrant in GoToWebinar
  • Remove registrant in GoToWebinar
  • Find registrants by id in GoToWebinar

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