1 Click Integrations
When Opportunity is created in Insightly > Create record in Salesforce > Create Task in Plutio > Send Email in Microsoft Exchange

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When a new Opportunity is created in Insightly, Create record in Salesforce, Create Task in Plutio and Send Email from Microsoft Exchange

You Can Also Create Your Own Integrations

When this happens
  • Contact is created in Insightly
  • Task is created in Insightly
  • Lead is created in Insightly
  • Opportunity is created in Insightly
  • Organisation is added in Insightly
  • Project is created in Insightly
  • Contact is updated in Insightly
  • Lead is updated in Insightly
  • Organisation is updated in Insightly
  • Invoice is created in Plutio
  • Project is created in Plutio
  • Task is created in Plutio
  • Block is created in Plutio
  • Person is created in Plutio
  • Task Board is created in Plutio
  • Task Group is created in Plutio
  • Template is created in Plutio
  • Form is created in Plutio
  • Form is submitted in Plutio
  • Invoice is updated in Plutio
  • Contact is created in Salesforce
  • Account is created in Salesforce
  • Lead is created in Salesforce
  • Opportunity is created in Salesforce
  • Case is created in Salesforce
  • Task is created in Salesforce
  • Record is updated in Salesforce
  • Record is created in Salesforce
  • Field is updated on record in Salesforce
  • Outbound message is received in Salesforce
  • Quote is created in Salesforce
  • Contact is updated in Salesforce
  • Account is updated in Salesforce
  • Lead is updated in Salesforce
  • Opportunity is updated in Salesforce
  • Case is updated in Salesforce
  • Task is updated in Salesforce
  • Quote is updated in Salesforce
Do this
  • Search user in Insightly
  • Search contact in Insightly
  • Search organisation in Insightly
  • Search project in Insightly
  • Search lead in Insightly
  • Search opportunity in Insightly
  • Create contact in Insightly
  • Create task in Insightly
  • Create lead in Insightly
  • Create organisation in Insightly
  • Create project in Insightly
  • Create opportunity in Insightly
  • Create Invoice in Plutio
  • Create Project in Plutio
  • Create Task in Plutio
  • Create Person in Plutio
  • Create Task Board in Plutio
  • Create Task Group in Plutio
  • Delete Invoice in Plutio
  • Delete Person in Plutio
  • Update Invoice in Plutio
  • Update Person in Plutio
  • Update Task in Plutio
  • Move a Task in Plutio
  • Find person/people in Plutio
  • Delete block in Plutio
  • Create Note in Plutio
  • Create Proposal in Plutio
  • Send Email in Microsoft Exchange
  • Create contact in Salesforce
  • Create account in Salesforce
  • Create lead in Salesforce
  • Create opportunity in Salesforce
  • Create task in Salesforce
  • Create case in Salesforce
  • Create record in Salesforce
  • Update contact in Salesforce
  • Update account in Salesforce
  • Update lead in Salesforce
  • Update opportunity in Salesforce
  • Update case in Salesforce
  • Update task in Salesforce
  • Update record in Salesforce
  • Search contact in Salesforce
  • Search account in Salesforce
  • Search lead in Salesforce
  • Search opportunity in Salesforce
  • Search case in Salesforce
  • Search task in Salesforce
  • Search record in Salesforce
  • Add lead to campaign in Salesforce
  • Add contact to campaign in Salesforce
  • Search Quote in Salesforce
  • Search record using query in Salesforce

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