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When this happens
  • Task list is created in Google Tasks
  • Task is created in Google Tasks
  • Task is completed in Google Tasks
  • Contact is added in Zoom.ai
  • Task is added in Zoom.ai
  • New contact is added in Zoom.ai
  • Meeting result is successful in Zoom.ai
  • Meeting request is cancelled in Zoom.ai
  • New meeting request is submitted in Zoom.ai
  • Meeting request is expired in Zoom.ai
Do this
  • Create task list in Google Tasks
  • Create task in Google Tasks
  • Update task in Google Tasks
  • Search task in Google Tasks
  • Find meeting by date in Zoom.ai
  • Create contact in Zoom.ai
  • Find contact by email in Zoom.ai
  • Find contact insights in Zoom.ai
  • Create a meeting request in Zoom.ai
  • UnsubscribeToWebhook in Zoom.ai

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